Are you ready to launch your dream job search or reach your career goals? These materials are designed for the “impatient” clients that want instant tips and actionable steps. All materials serve as an economic alternative to my customized services with awesome features like daily reminders and accountability prompts. Let’s get started!

Cover Letter Cheat Sheet: Provided in a visual, minimalist format.

The dreaded cover letter…not anymore! This quick guide presents visual examples of how to craft a solid cover letter for situations where you have a networking contact and for scenarios where you do not have a contact at a company. Straightforward tips and tricks, including where to find FREE templates are included. Written for those that like a minimalist approach to problem-solving – direct and to the point. When you view this material, you will be able to visualize precisely what your own cover letter should look like, getting it off your to-do list as quickly as possible so you can land the interview!

Resume Cheat Sheet: 2 pages in a template format with all the tips and tricks you need to stand out.

Don’t fret – writing a resume can be easy! This simple, 2-page visual example will help you picture exactly what your resume should look like. Provided are tips, tricks and exact examples of ways you can make your resume shine. Today’s resumes are expected to provide results, metrics and accomplishments. This quick read will showcase to you exactly how to do that in as minimalist a fashion as possible.


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