Materials Coaching

Review of your current item(s) for typos, formatting opportunities, and at least 3-5 strategic improvements for $100/item.

Email Coaching

Email Coaching” then state “Daily email coaching for any life or career needs you may have, with unlimited emails and daily responses back M-F with actionable steps you can take. $Available for $99/month.


Available to speak at in-person or virtual events on any of these topics. Reasonable fees, starting at $100/event.

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are available for $100 per 50-minute session. Questions will be tailored to your field of interest and suggested tweaks to your answers will be given. Sessions are recorded so you can go back and watch yourself too!

Career or Life Coaching Sessions

Ask me anything! Coaching is offered for $100 per 50-minute session to discuss your career or life needs. This can include specific guidance on goals, materials or roadmaps. I will coach you anywhere you are stuck or facing a frustration so you can get help to move forward! Trust me when I tell you, having a safe space to talk and answer insightful questions is life changing.

Unlimited Support

Imagine being able to laser focus on your career or job search goals from A to Z. For 45 days, you have unlimited access to me via Zoom and Phone sessions for ALL areas. Options will be available between 9 am to 9 pm CST, M-F. The investment for this option is $1500 and does require a previous discussion with me to make sure it’s a good fit for all parties.